AHO Medi Health is a health management and services company. It works on a multi-pronged approach of wellness, preventive health and everyday health. It monitors your wellness score and helps you improve it with its high-tech wellness programs which include health risk assessments, screening, nutrition counselling, stress counselling, tobacco cessation and more.

AHO Medi Health also offers corporate, Retail health services. These are conceptualized to help people attain equilibrium of physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual fitness for complete well-being.

Remember the old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure?’ AHO Medi Health is taking this cliché seriously to provide a complete healthcare and wellness solution for all.

“Preventive healthcare market is approximately Rs. 4000 crores with the potential to grow to as much as Rs. 50000 crores in the next five to six years. While it is dominated by the corporate sector, there is a big opportunity in the retail space. AHO Medi Health was started to pursue the huge and potentially lucrative market opportunity in strengthening the delivery of primary care services, by incorporating both the elements — preventive healthcare and wellness.

Until recently, diagnostics tests were being used more for diagnosis and management of disease as healthcare was more focused on treatment and less focused on the prevention of diseases. However, increasing awareness about personal health, due to various factors like education, flow of information, elevated life standards, are driving healthcare towards preventive medicine. Diagnostic testing for prevention of diseases is gaining importance. Personalized medicine, which uses diagnostic test information to decide about patient and disease specific treatment, is also emerging.

“According to the WHO, India is increasingly becoming the capital for various diseases like cancer, heart and various other lifestyle diseases. A CII report indicates that 8 percent of households are pushed below the poverty line each year due to health expenditure. Technopak reports indicate that 40 percent of the low and middle income population borrow money or sell assets to pay for hospitalisation. Most of these unexpected expenses are medical expenses, due to which many people bankrupt. Hence, it is time for one and all to wake up to the concept of preventive healthcare.”

Complicated and sedentary lifestyle changes have become quite common in these times of high stress and fast paced living. Many factors are at play in determining an individual’s health such as the past health behavior, demography, personality traits, social support, family functioning, contact with health care providers and an individuals lifestyle.

The World health Organization (WHO) has identified India as one of the nations predicted to top the list of nations with highest number of lifestyle disorders in the near future.

Keeping this alarming fact in mind, Shall by Hospitals have developed the Preventive Healthcare Programme to take care of lifestyle disorders through its scientifically designed and well thought out health check-up options.

Disclaimer: AHO Medi Health products are not insurance products or insurance offerings. AHO Medi Health offers Preventive Healthcare Checkup plans at concessional/Subsidized rates. In addition, AHO Medi Health also offers Concessional/Subsidized Check-Ups & Treatments across AHO Medi health certified Doctors, Laboratories, Dentists, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers.  AHO Medi Health care Plan member can claim deduction to the extent of Rs. 5000/- for Preventive Health Check-up under the amendment to section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in the Finance Bill 2012. The benefit of Section 80D is over and above the limit of Rs. 1,00,000/- prescribed under Section 80C/80CCC. This benefit is available for expenditure incurred towards Preventive Health Check-up of Self, Spouse, dependent Children and Parents of the member.