If we look at statistics, more and more number of people are going for Medical Insurance to ensure that in case of any eventuality they can get required medical treatment and as well as their families do not face any financial difficulty or try to minimize the financial burden, and this is quite right also.

However with the growing corporate culture life style or modern life style “Preventive care is the right thing to do” because it can save you from pain and problems of illness and of course save you from all financial difficulties as well, which you might encounter in case of any serious illness/disease.

One of the most important aspect of preventive health care is finding and curing disease/anomalies as soon as possible. The fact is some sort of illness hits almost everyone at some point in life, but there are many diseases can be cured and stopped if they are caught early you can gain you full health back.

So it is not only important but imperative also to be aware of illness and their symptoms, and how to maintain good health overall.

Like all other priorities in our lives Preventive health care must be planned and exercised well in time, even when you are not ill.

This is where AHO Medi health fills the gap in your life, we are working with a motto “Move from Illness care to Health Care” and trying to bring about a big change in the lives of the people. Our Preventive Health Check plan can help you move towards a healthy life.

Our Preventive Health Check plans have been designed to ensure that people in general can also access Health Care at affordable price.

We have a very strong and growing network of quality medical professional, Hospitals, Labs and you can avail their services by taking our Preventive Health Check plans.

Finally, to attain healthy life you need to put efforts for diagnosing and preventing diseases instead of going for disease treatment at a later stage, as most of us do in current scenarios.

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Disclaimer: AHO products are not insurance products or insurance offerings. AHO offers Preventive Healthcare Checkup plans at concessional/Subsidised rates. In addition, AHO also offers Concessional/Subsidised Check-Ups & Treatments across AHO certified Doctors, Laboratories, Dentists, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers. AHO Healthcare Plan member can claim deduction to the extent of Rs. 5000/- for Preventive Health Check-up under the amendment to section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in the Finance Bill 2012. The benefit of Section 80D is over and above the limit of Rs. 1,00,000/- prescribed under Section 80C/80CCC. This benefit is available for expenditure incurred towards Preventive Health Check-up of Self, Spouse, dependent Children and Parents of the member.